Friday, June 17, 2011

Organic: Yes, Eat Real Food

The more I experience in life, the more I want to. And naturally that translates into living a healthier lifestyle. I'm too busy enjoying what life offers to get sick. And if there is something I can do to reduce that risk then why not?

Over the years I've traveled a good chunk of the world and am always amazed how food in countries like the Philippines, Bolivia, and Greece has so much more flavor than at home. Is it just from travel euphoria? You know how food tastes better outside just because you're outside? M'eh.

Caught that day we had
it grilled that night!
The papaya in the Philippines is so sweet and juicy, not to mention the coconut. Thinking about it still makes me drool!

I make it a point to order anything with tomatoes when I travel to Greece. I live off of their yogurt, and the olive oil...forget about it.

You know how everything tastes like chicken? Then you need to go to Costa Rica and have a real grain fed chicken breast!! We ain't got nothing like that here.

Or do we?

Gradually, I've been culling my kitchen of processed foods and going with a whole food kitchen as much as I can. It's been cool to watch the whole food, organic industry grow as more and more of us are reading labels and discovering most of what we eat...well it isn't actually food.

My cousin has chickens in their back yard. They are free range and their eggs are amazing! There are more and more opportunities to buy local and organic produce. And this morning I read an article in our provincial paper on how the face of farming is getting younger and going organic. It's exciting to watch this rebirth in such a healthy and delicious way!

One farmer mentioned is also the executive chef at the Saint John Ale House. I honestly hadn't visited much as it wasn't on my radar for healthy choices. Thanks to this article (and admittedly a photo of a gnocchi dish Jesse posted on twitter...I have a love affair with gnocchi) I plan to visit very soon.

Read the article here:

One of The Girls

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