Thursday, June 9, 2011

Love That Food Experience

At home I'm a one pot, comfort food cooker. Love sitting down with a good book in one hand and a bowl of something warm and aromatic in the other. From soups to risottos, one pot cooking is serenity.

But there are so many other eating experiences out there that I enjoy equally.

Photo by Kelly Lawson of the
amazing food at Alley Gria in Saint John.
Check out her blog here.
Tapas and Dim Sum are in my mind the perfect date food. Sharing dishes of little bites. Eating without a fork or spoon but your hands and chopsticks. It takes the date from two people sharing a table to two people sharing an experience.

Take out is the ideal hanging out with friends at home food. Sitting around in your grubs, spooning out pad thai or slicing up pizza. Not caring about noodles and crumbs on the counter.

And pot luck, best if shared with other foodies. Giggle.

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