Monday, January 10, 2011


 This weekend I made yogurt and it turned out perfectly!

I first came to appreciate yogurt during my first trip to Greece. It was offered every morning in the hotels we stayed at with hard boiled eggs and muslex for breakfast. Not liking the runny version at home I wasn't hopeful but gave it a try. Zing! Nothing like home. This yogurt was thick, creamy and a tangy delight. I was heartsick for it when I came back.

Now those who know me, know I like my ingredients to have as little processing as possible so I try to make what I can myself. I also prefer to make it instead of buying it.

It started with different types of breads. Then Zenny's Granola recipe which, try as I might, never tasted as good as hers did. She was the cook at the guest house I stayed at when I was in the Philippines. Some of it is that I'm sure our ingredients here in Canada are just not as fresh as what she had to work with so the flavors don't pop quite the same. But still. I've recently lost the recipe so am emailing to see if I can get another copy.

So what better to go with homemade granola than homemade yogurt. And lucky me, I got a yogurt maker for Christmas! It turned out just how I remembered it in Greece! Bliss!

Hmmmm I'm craving tzatziki and tandoori now too. Giggle.

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