Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Cookless Cook
I had a fellow foodie friend visit last night. The plan was we would cook together. Well...he cooked and I simmered.

Here I am this foodie who can cook and has started writing about what she cooks and her relationship with food and all I did all night was simmer. That's right. My contribution was a boxed risotto that had to simmer for 20 minutes.

Meanwhile he prepared not only a Torta di ricotta e cioccolata but a Roasted Red Pepper Artichoke Bruschetta!! Both were amazing as usual.

I've come to embrace that I don't cook well with others. I'm useless. Constantly asking what I can do and when they finally give me a task, suddenly forgetting every skill I have and even cut the bread wrong. Paper thin ciabatta bread anyone? Seriously?

All the years I have known this friend he has never tasted my cooking. He only knows...or should I say believes...I can cook because he trusts me. Shrug. I am usually trustworthy. ;)

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  1. It happens to all of us.. I am the same way... why do you think Kevin & I broke up? We couldn't get along in the kitchen LOL