Saturday, August 27, 2011

Can We Still Pot Luck?

Most of us love food. We have our favorite flavors, the things we crave or give us comfort. Most of us can list one or more foods that make us drool just by the mere mention of them. And we love our pot lucks.

Most of us also have food issues. I'm allergic to shellfish. She's lactose intolerant. He's diabetic. She can't eat gluten. I'm vegetarian. She's allergic to nuts.

Restaurants are enough of a challenge but can we still pot luck? When you have a room of varying issues it can be quite the challenge. It's easier to just say "don't worry about me, I'll bring something I can eat". But that's not fair. Not fair to the one with the food issue and not fair to the one who wants to share their fabulous cooking (or buying) skills.

A few of us have decided to use these "limitations" as a way to grow our cooking skills. Our next pot luck will be shellfish free, nut free, vegetarian, and gluten free. 

The other challenge for myself and my business partner at The Girls Bra Shop is that the dinner is the day after we fly back from a very hectic time in Toronto. So I want to make something easy....a word not typically associated with gluten-free. I could buy something but that goes against my nature. Giggle.

So I've decided to try a gluten-free pizza and found what looks like an awesome crust that can be frozen on the GlutenFree Goddess blog. This just makes me a very happy girl!

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